3 Crucial Safety Tips When You Are Sandblasting To Remove Paint

If there is a big wall, door or other painted area around your home that has a damaged or unattractive surface, it is a good idea to consider sandblasting it to remove the paint. However, doing so is not as easy as you might think and mistakes could result in injuries to yourself or damage to your property. Therefore, when you are planning for the paint removal, it is important to apply the following safety tips.

#1-Consider Your Clothing

While your first instinct might be to toss on shorts and a t-shirt to prevent any unexpected gusts of air, the truth is that you should plan on wearing fitted pants and a long-sleeved shirt that closes fully around your wrists. If any of your clothing is too big or if doesn't close around your wrists, the pieces of paint that are being forced from their current location could injure you. The same is true of your pants, so don't be afraid of using the old belt that you have been meaning to throw away for this last task.

Essentially, your goal is to securely cover as much of yourself as you can, so wearing socks that tuck into your pants is a good step. Work boots that extend higher on your ankle or leg than your sneakers do are similarly useful.      

#2-Plan For Your Accessories

Once you understand how important it is to protect your skin from contact with the paint that is flying away from its existing location, it only makes sense that your next step needs to be protecting the rest of your body. That means you should consider investing in a decent set of gloves, heavy-duty safety goggles and a hat or helmet with a protective shield before you start your project.

Unless your paint removal needs are a one-time situation and you are certain that you will never need to repeat the process again, you will want to wash all of the applicable clothing soon after their use. Then, it is best to inspect the areas for damage, as failing to do so could leave holes or other imperfections in the material and allow you to be injured the next time you need to sandblast the paint.

#3-Protect The Items In Your Immediate Vicinity    

Since sandblasting paint forces tiny pieces of that paint away from the surface at a high rate of speed, it is just as easy for it to hit the items around you as it is to hit you. As a result, you should remove anything in your immediate area that you can and protect stationary items with tarps, old blankets or newspapers. Then, secure those coverings with ropes, bungee cords or similar equipment in order to guarantee that protection when the paint starts flying.

In conclusion, removing paint from a scarred surface or large area is often quite challenging. In addition, if done improperly, there is a very real danger of damage to the item in question, surrounding property and injury to yourself. As a result, you need to be aware of the advice shared above in order to keep yourself and all of your property safe. To learn more, contact a company like Powder Coating Specialties

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