3 Things To Keep In Mind When Working With An Auto Body Shop Following An Accident

If you were recently involved in an accident, and you have full-coverage insurance, no matter who was at fault, the repair of your vehicle should be covered, which means you are going to be working with an auto body shop. Here are four things to keep in mind as you go through the repair process on your vehicle following an accident.

#1 It's Your Choice

Keep in mind that it is ultimately your choice which auto body business you take your vehicle to for repairs. Although your insurance company may suggest certain shops to you, you are not obligated to use those businesses. Do your own research into the reputation and work produced by any insurance suggested auto body shop as well as by any shop that you are personally interested in before making a decision on what shop you want doing the work for you.

#2 Ask What Types Of Parts Will Be Used

Second, when you are presented with a quote for repairs, be sure to ask what type of parts are being used to repair your vehicle. Ideally, you want either new original parts or used original parts used in your vehicle. Both of these types of parts are specifically designed for your vehicle.

If possible, try to stay away from aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are usually not specifically made for your vehicle but are made for general categories or types of vehicles. They may not be as high quality as new or used original parts. Be sure to look into the quality of all replacement parts that are to be used on your vehicle.

#3 Check The Paint

One of the most complicated parts of repair damaged panels is matching the paint on any new panels that are installed on your vehicle to the existing paint on the rest of your vehicle. Even if the auto body shop is able to find the exact same paint, it could still look different than the rest of the paint on your vehicle due to how age and exposure to the elements can change how the paint on your vehicle looks.

Carefully check the paint on your vehicle. Stand back from your vehicle a ways and make sure that the new paint blends in with the old paint. If the new paint stands out, don't just take your vehicle home. Insist that the shop fix the paint job. There are blending techniques that they can use to blend new and old paint together to make it look nice. 

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