Purchased A Soft Top Convertible Car? Learn How To Properly Clean The Soft Top

If you have a soft top convertible car it will be great traveling in with the top down while the weather is nice. You do have to keep the soft top in good condition however. This is especially true if you do not have any kind of cover for it, such as a garage or carport. The best way to keep the top in good condition is by cleaning it regularly. Most soft tops are either made of a canvas fabric or vinyl. No matter what type you have the cleaning method is the same. Keep reading and you can enjoy your convertible car for many years.

Clean the Top

Before you get started, there are some items you need to purchase. These things will make the job of cleaning the soft top much easier for you. First, purchase a regular car shampoo. You also need to purchase a convertible top cleaner that is made specifically for this purpose. Purchase a fabric spray protectant made for canvas or vinyl, and a brush that has soft bristles. You can purchase these things at an auto parts store and a home improvement store.

To start, mix together the car shampoo that you purchased with water. Follow the instructions on the label on how much water to use to mix. Dip the soft bristled brush into the shampoo mixture and gently wipe over the soft top. When finished spray it off with water. If you still see dirt, do this step again.

Use Convertible Top Spray Cleaner

If you have a lot of dirt on the soft tip or grease stains that you cannot remove by cleaning with car shampoo, use a convertible top spray cleaner. How this works depends on the type of spray you purchased. In most case, you will spray the top with a hose to wet it and then spray the convertible top cleaner over the dirty and greasy areas.

You need to let the cleaner sit on the soft top for a certain length of time. The instructions on the product will tell you how long. The product is breaking down the dirt and grease to make the top easier to clean. Follow the instructions on the product that you purchased carefully to ensure you do this process correctly.

After the length of time, use the soft bristled brush to wipe over the stained areas to remove the dirt and grease.  After this, rinse the top with a garden hose and ensure all cleaner has been removed.

Once finished, apply the fabric protectant that you purchased after the top is completely dry. This will prevent the fabric from fading due to the sun, as well as protect it from scratches, bird poop, and more.

If you are having problems, take your car to an auto body shop to have the soft top cleaned. You can also visit websites like http://www.fredsautointeriors.com.

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