Steps To Take When Your Windshield Suffers A Chip Or Crack

If you find that your windshield has suffered a chip, it will need to be promptly repaired. To properly and thoroughly address this issue, car owners must be aware of the types of steps that they may need to take.

Identify The Source Of The Chip

It can be useful for you to identify the source of the chip. For example, if you notice that the chip formed while your vehicle was parked, you should look for potential sources of debris that could have struck the windshield. This may not always be possible, but it can be useful for helping you to avoid similar sources of damage in the future.

Understand That The Severity Of The Damage Is Important 

Car owners often mistakenly assume that any type of windshield damage will be repairable. When these damages are extremely severe, the entire windshield will have to be removed and replaced. This is particularly true when the damage to the glass has occurred in an important part of the driver's field of view. It is common for car owners to be resistant to undergoing this type of extensive repair due to the costs, but the safety benefits can make paying for these repairs essential.

Have The Glass Repaired Before The Season Changes

The temperature shifts that accompany seasonal changes can be extremely damaging to chipped glass. The chipped portion of the glass will be more vulnerable to expanding when there are dramatic temperature shifts. This can be particularly noticeable during the shifts from summer to fall and fall to winter. Repairing the chips before these temperature changes occur will be necessary for limiting the risk of losing the option of repairing this damage due to the chips growing in size and depth.

Notify Your Insurance Of The Damage

Notifying the insurance company of your damaged auto glass may seem extreme. This may be particularly true of individuals that want to minimize their number of claims. Yet, auto insurance will frequently provide at least some amount of coverage for those that have suffered windshield damage. Notifying your insurance of this damage will enable you to take advantage of this coverage so that you can reduce the amount you will need to pay for repairing this damage.

Some policies will require individuals to pay for these repairs and to seek reimbursement for the expense. If this is the case with your policy, ensure that all of the steps for reporting this expense are followed as precisely as possible to avoid mistakes that could delay your reimbursement.

For more information, contact your local glass replacement service. 

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