3 Signs You Need Auto Body Repair

Auto body repair shops specialize in issues that affect the body or paint of your vehicle, instead of the inner mechanical workings. Damage to your car's auto body or chassis can be just as serious as mechanical malfunctions, especially if you allow the damage to sit for a long period of time. Being aware of the most common forms of damage that an auto body shop can deal with can help you determine whether your vehicle requires repairs, and allow you to get those repairs early before the damage is able to grow more serious and expensive to fix.

1. Dents

Even the smallest of dents in the side of your vehicle is something to be concerned about. Dents to the frame or chassis of your vehicle can push your suspension, axle, and tires all out of alignment, which can increase the amount of wear that they experience while operating normally and increase the chances of a mechanical issue or damage occurring. Having an auto shop take a look at your dents as soon as they happen, and determining if they are superficial or not, can help you prevent further, more expensive repairs down the road – in addition to fixing the appearance of your vehicle.

2. Scratching

Any scratches to your vehicle that have cut all the way through the paint to expose the metal underneath are a reason to immediately head to an auto repair shop. Scratches are serious because they allow water and moisture to react with the steel of your vehicle's frame, which can lead to rust developing rapidly that can cause further structural damage to your car. The scratch will likely need to be sanded down or filled, and the area repainted, to prevent such damage from occurring.

3. Fading

Though not strictly an auto body issue, you should still head to an auto body shop in the event that you notice that the paint job of your vehicle has faded significantly over time, especially if specific areas are more affected than others. Fading can occur due to UV and weather exposure and is more than a simple superficial issue. Faded paint is thinner and thus less able to protect the metal underbody from the elements, which can lead to rust developing. Repainting your vehicle can restore the appearance and protection for your vehicle, and taking care to regularly wash and wax your car can help extend the lifespan of your new paint job.

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