4 Tips To Help Deal With Small Bumps And Bumper Cracks That Are An Unsightly Blemish On Your New Car

It can happen to anybody: you park at a commercial business, and when you leave, you see that there is damage to your bumper. The crack and unsightly scratches may be bothering you, but you may not want to pay to have repairs done. The following tips will help you deal with the minor unsightly bumper cover damage that is bothering you.

1. Use Heat to Remove Dings and Buff the Paint to Get Rid of Unsightly Bumper Scratches

A lot of times, the dents and dings are a combination of small bumps and the temperature outside. Therefore, you may want to try to use heat to get the bumper cover to bounce back in shape. Use a hair dryer or heat gun to do this, but if you use a heat gun, be careful not to heat the material too much and cause more damage. After you get the bumper cover back to the original form, you can use paint that matches the original paint of your car to repair scratches and buff the bumper to blend the repairs in with the original paintwork.

2. Take Out the Dents Using an Auto Body Repair Kit 

There are auto body repair kits that you can get from many vendors that have suction tools. The suction tools work like a plunger and can remove a lot of dents and dings from the bumper cover and other auto body parts. If there is a larger dent, try using an actual plunger to remove the damage and get the area of the body back to its original form.

3. Weld to Repair and Patch Cracked Bumper Covers Without Removing Parts

Just like metal and many other materials, the plastic of your bumper cover can also be welded together. There are special flat irons that can be used to do this, but you can also use a flat tip on a soldering gun for the job. When welding your plastic bumper cover, hold the iron gently on the surface and be careful to not burn a hole in the material. It is a good idea to find a couple of pieces of scrap plastic and practice before welding your bumper.

4. Repair and Patch Your Bumper Cover Using Fiberglass Resin and an Auto Body Filler

When the crack or damage to your bumper has compromised the strength, it may be better to remove the cover for a more permanent repair. This can be done by reinforcing the interior of the bumper with a fiberglass resin material. On the exterior of the bumper, use an auto body filler to cover the damaged area and touch up the paint before reinstalling it on your car.

These are some tips that will help you deal with the minor bumper damage that is an unsightly blemish on your new car. When the damage is more than just surface damage, you will want to contact an auto collision repair service for professional help with the repairs to get rid of the unsightly blemishes and damage beneath the cover.

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