Understanding How Damaged Auto Windshields Are Repaired

No one expects their windshield to be damaged while they are driving. Unfortunately, rocks, gravel, and other debris can hit your windshield while you're on the road, resulting in a variety of damage, such as chips and cracks in the glass. In some cases, large rocks or pieces of debris can even cause a windshield to shatter. If your car's windshield is damaged while you are driving, it is in your best interest to have repairs made as quickly as possible. You can opt to go to an auto glass shop or utilize the services of a mobile windshield repair company. Continue reading to learn more about the different options used to repair a damaged auto windshield:


If you are in need of professional auto windshield repair, there is a good chance that resin will be used. Utilizing resin to fix and strengthen cracks and chips is very commonplace. This type of windshield repair involves a professional injecting resin into the damaged area of your windshield and then heating it up. The resin will begin to harden when exposed to heat, and as it hardens, it will expand in size and fill in the damaged glass. After the resin is completely dry, the crack or chip will not grow in size, and the glass in your windshield will have its original structural strength.


When your windshield has a small crack or a chip in the glass, a patch can be applied to the area. The patch will need to be cut to the right size and then placed directly over the damaged area and allowed to dry until it is securely attached to the glass. It is important to note that a windshield patch can help a crack or chip from getting larger in size, but a patch is not considered to be the most effective type of windshield repair since it doesn't actually make the glass become stronger.

Windshield Replacement

Small cracks and chips in a windshield can usually be repaired. However, if your windshield has a very large crack that extends across the glass or if there are multiple cracks in your windshield, normal methods of repair may not be possible. In this type of situation, you will most likely need to have your entire windshield replaced. It is best to have your windshield replaced as soon as you can since driving with a severely damaged windshield can be quite dangerous since your line of vision can be impaired. 

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