Why Get a Vehicle Wrap Instead of Painting the Company Van?

If you use a van for your small business, you may be eager to use some of that blank space to advertise and market your company. You might be considering a new paint job or vinyl vehicle wraps without being sure which makes the most sense for your business. Why might vehicle wraps be a better solution?

1. Quicker Install

A vinyl vehicle wrap is made up of large vinyl sheets that will have to be placed on your van. The sheets can be designed before the install happens, and when you're ready, you'll need to drop off your vehicle for a few hours so the wrap can be applied.

If you get your van painted, however, you may need to leave the van with a painter for days. That's because existing paint needs to be sanded, new paint needs to be applied, and drying takes a while. If you're getting multiple colors or layers, each layer will have to dry separately. Therefore, if you don't want too much downtime without your van, a wrap is a better choice.

2. Easy Maintainance

Vinyl sheets couldn't be easier to clean. A wet cloth wiped over the surface will keep the design looking great. With paint, you'll have to keep washing the design so that it doesn't attract dirt; not only that, but without a protective wax coating, paint could start to fade over time, which can make it look less attractive. Fading isn't an issue for vehicle wraps.

3. Cost-Effective Custom Designs

A custom paint job will cost more than your budget allows. Special effects, unique fonts, and other elements can be difficult for an artist to complete. With vehicle wraps, the design is completed long before the vinyl sheets are printed and can have all kinds of custom elements that don't cost any more to render than traditional designs.

4. Easy Removal

If you change something about your company or just want to change up the designs on your fan, vinyl wraps can be removed. This is especially useful if you want to sell your van and get another company vehicle. Paint is difficult to remove, and the process will take a long time. You may need to pay additional costs for a new paint job after the design is removed.

Vinyl vehicle wraps are easier to put on and customize, easier to maintain, and easier to remove. Get a few quotes and discover how vehicle wraps can be just the solution you need for your van

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