5 Benefits Of Ceramic Window Tinting

Ceramic window tint is one of the highest-quality options available. The tint consists of multiple film layers that have been injected with microscopic ceramic particles. The result is a tint that features perfect clarity and dark shading options along with a range of other features. 

1. Reduced UV Exposure 

The UV light from the sun isn't good for your health because it can lead to skin damage and even cancer. The glass from the window won't protect you, but the particles in UV-blocking ceramic tinting will block the harmful rays. UV light also fades and breaks down the interior of the car, including the upholstery, dash, and other components. 

2. Glare Prevention

Glares can be annoying at best, but very dangerous at worst. Whether the glare is from the sun during the day or the headlights of passing motorists at night, the result is still a hazardous obstruction of sight. The same qualities in the ceramic that allow it to deflect UV light will also scatter visible light, thus reducing the light intensity and resultant glare that enters the window. Even lighter ceramic tints can help reduce glare significantly.

3. Near Damage-Proof

Most window tinting products can be damaged relatively easily. A recoiling seatbelt buckle, fingernails, or abrasive cleaners can leave behind chips and gouges in the tinting. Ceramic tint is very hard due to the ceramic components contained within the film. It's nearly impossible to chip or scratch it, even if you hit it directly with a hard object. It can even reduce the chances of a shattered window since it adds a layer of protection.

4. No Cell Interference

Many window tint films contain metallic particles, as these can also reduce UV light and deflect heat. They have an unfortunate attribute, though—the metals can interfere with cell phone and radio signal transmission into the car. This makes it difficult to use map and wayfinding apps, listen to music, or make hands-free calls. Ceramic films contain no metals, so they do not interfere with any signals coming into or leaving your car.

5. Cooler Interior

Ceramic has another attribute that other materials can't offer. It's able to block and deflect heat away from the windows. In hot climates, the heat buildup in a car can make driving in summer very challenging. Excessive heat can also prematurely age your car's interior components and cause them to break down. 

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